Hello and Welcome to chaTeien, the trading card collective of Ajisaitea. Please read the rules before you go forward. Thanks.

Rules for Trading

Please keep in mind that while I may be an easy person to trade I may not get back to you for a least a week due to my school and work schedules. So please follow the rules.
1. Do not just assume I will accept the trade unless I am friends with you.
I will only do trades that way if I a; know the person very well; or if b; you have asked ahead of time and I agreed to it.
2. All trades are final, unless otherwise discussed.
I will not have the time to just go back and change something if you make a mistake in trade. So please double check everything before you submit it.
3. Please only contact me on site Forums or Discord.
While I do have an email for trades I most of the time ignore it. So if you need to contact me please do it via the site forums or discord.